If you have a teen on the verge of driver's education, you and your teenager probably have a lot of questions and concerns before taking the road trip test. It's an exciting time, but also can be scary as well. Learning to drive a vehicle is a big responsibility and a privilege. My oldest daughter will be taking driver's education this June, so I have been prepping a lot mentally. It's a great milestone, but bittersweet.

The goal of driver's education is to obviously pass the road test with flying colors. It means you understand and are ready for the responsibility.  Here are some driver's test tips by Drivers101.ca that I found that you can share with your soon to be driver.

  • Remind your teen driver they can turn right on red unless there is a sign saying not to. Stopping is the utmost priority before making a turn.
  • For hill parking, be sure to signal and check to the right of you. It's best to park 20 cm from the curb before parallel parking.
  • A left turn at a red light on a one-way street is permitted unless there is a sign prohibiting you to do so.
  • Be sure to check for pedestrians at all intersection crossings.
  • Always slow down in playground and school zones.
  • Be a defensive driver. Always look ahead of you several feet ahead to avoid any road dangers, etc.
  • Always properly yield to cars even in residential areas.
Be safe out there!